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Time & Labor Management


Manage Employee Data



Payroll Processing

Overwhelmed by your payroll? Wish you could outsource your payroll to a trusted partner? Core Business Resources (CBR) has decades of experience managing payroll for companies of various industries across the country. Whether it is a short term assignment to cover a staff member on leave or fully managing your payroll and time and attendance, we are here to take the pain out of payroll.

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Transitioning to a new bookkeeping process can be difficult. Core Business Resources (CBR) will set up and streamline your Bookkeeping Records and then maintain your books so you know how financially well your business is today, to determine where to take your business tomorrow.

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Revenue Tracking

Expense Tracking


Monthly Reporting

Sales Tax

Invoice Management

A/P Software Setup

Electronic Payment

Timely Processing


Accounts Payable

You need your vendors to provide you with the supplies and services that allow you to remain in business. Through our standard operating protocol and online platform, Core Business Resources (CBR) will assess, initiate, test and then implement a new Accounts Payable process so that all of your invoices are tracked, approved and paid on time.

Human Resources

At Core Business Resources (CBR), we know that managing human capital is the most challenging aspect of your growing business. Whether you need to hire new staff, cover maternity leave, create a Company Handbook, or strategize with management on how to curtail a HR issue that is costing you precious dollars, CBR is here to help. Our consultants provide HR solutions to meet your exact needs and budget.

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Benefits Management

SOP Development


Special Projects



Vetting new vendors or services

Troubleshoot issues

Project Management

Do you have big ideas for your business but not enough time to implement them? Is your leadership team overwhelmed and unable to manage another project? We help grocery stores implement online ordering and delivery, exercise facilities setup time and attendance platforms, restaurants research and create pandemic protocols, and medical practices analyze capital purchases to make sound financial decisions. Whatever the project size, Core Business Resources (CBR) will partner with you to complete your projects.

Content Creation

Businesses are required to have strong online presence and sleek content to attract new clients. Core Business Resources (CBR) takes those notes you scribbled down on a napkin and brings your idea to life. We’ll find a great graphic designer, write new content for your website or marketing materials, and send endless emails back and forth to get the design just right. Call our team of consultants today to create targeted messaging for your business.

Website Creation


Marketing Materials



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